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Florida State University

2006 Institute Proceedings

Jon C. Dalton Institute logoWe are pleased to provide the proceedings of the 2006 Institute on College Student Values on the topic of Finding Wholeness: Students’ Search for Meaning and Purpose in College in this month’s issue of the Journal of College and Character. For the past 16 years the proceedings of the annual Institute at Florida State University have been published to provide a record and a resource for scholars and educators interested in the moral and civic development of students in the higher education setting. For the first seven years (l991-l997) the ICSV proceedings were published in print form and since l997 the proceedings have been made available in an electronic format.

We include in this year’s proceedings many of the 2006 Institute’s major presentations and concurrent session papers. Not all of the Institute presentations are included in the proceedings since not all authors submitted papers suitable for publication. Articles accepted for this year’s proceedings were edited and formatted by co-editor Pam Crosby, and published as .pdf documents in order to achieve a more uniform and usable publication style. We think that readers will find the 2006 Institute Proceedings to be rich in content and attractive in presentation.


2006 Institute for College Values Bibliography


Creating and Assessing Student Spirituality and Initiatives in Higher Education

Jon C. Dalton, David Eberhardt, & Pamela Crosby, Florida State University


Don’t Build It and They Will Come – Creating Space For Wholeness, Meaning, and Purpose in Higher Education

Carole Robinson, Michigan State University


Educating the Heart, Head, and Hands – Servant Leadership as a Transformational Model for Student Success

Tracy Espy, Pfeiffer University


Fostering Self-Authoring Spirituality in College Women

Gina Frieden, Vanderbilt University


Joining Hearts and Minds – A Contemplative Approach to Holistic Education in Psychology

Peter Grossenbacher, Naropa University 


Living Lives of Integrity and Truth

Rebecca S. Chopp, Colgate University 


Moral and Spiritual Inquiry in the Academic Classroom

Scott McLennan, Stanford University


Moral Imperviousness and the Tabula Rasa Fallacy, A Contribution from the Neurosciences

Michael Cavanagh, Mount Olive College


Spirituality in Mainstream Academia – Three Transformative Activities

Stephanie M. Webster, University of Florida


The Impact of Ministry Internships at Saint Louis University

Leah M. Sweetman & Mary Beth Gallagher, Saint Louis University


The Role of Spirituality in Purpose in Life and Academic Engagement

Kimberly A. Greenway, University of North Alabama


Vincentians in Action – An Interfaith Model for Civic Learning and Spiritual Growth

Siobhan O’Donoghue & Karl Nass, DePaul University 



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