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Character Clearinghouse

Florida State University

2008 Institute Proceedings

Jon C. Dalton Institute logoThe Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values’ Institute Proceedings section includes keynote speaker presentations, keynote speech scripts, and major papers. For more information about the Institute, please visit





A Second Adolescence – Two Big Questions and Where They Belong

by W. Robert Conner

Consequences of Student Ethical Behavior for Families

by Valente & Lawson

Creating Common Ground – Embracing Difference and Giving Voice

Creating Commin Ground – Supplemental Packet

by Ashcroft & Loyd

Facing One Another in This Place

by Robert J. Nash

Founding an Interfaith or Interdenominational Group on Campus

by John Patrick Colatch

Latino(a) Fraternities and Sororities – Their History and Contributions to Identity Development

by Juan R. Gaurdia

Openness and Authenticy throug Accompaniment

by Diaz & Munger

Programming for Cultural Competence – Positive Effects for Moral Development

by Stave & Stafford

Six Billion Paths to Peace – An Inivation to Dialogue About Things That Matter Deeply

by Tsuchida & Davidson

The Practice of Community

by James W. Wagner

Towards a New Approach to Religion & Identity

by Daniel C. Herman

Why Religion Matters

by Will Oprisko


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