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2002 Institute Proceedings

Dalton logoThe theme of the 2002 Institute on College Student Values, “Worthy Dreams: Implementing Programs That Foster Moral and Civic Learning”, focused on the efforts of college and universities to promote moral and spiritual development as outcomes of undergraduate learning. The major speakers of the Institute examined the topic from various perspectives including faith development in late adolescence, religion and morality in the academy, presidential leadership and values, and student views on spiritual growth and the search for meaning.

Edited versions of the major speakers’ presentations are featured in these Proceedings. In addition to the featured presentations at the Institute, a number of papers were also presented in Concurrent Sessions of the Institute. These sessions were selected for presentation by a screening panel and authors were invited to submit papers for the Proceedings publication. We are pleased to be able to include many of the Concurrent Sessions papers in this year’s Proceedings. Any discussion of moral and spiritual development in college students is enhanced by student perspectives and discussion and, for that reason, we include three student presentations in the 2002 Institute Proceedings.

We are grateful to the authors for their contributions to the Institute theme of “Worthy Dreams” and we believe this collection of papers provides a timely examination of higher education’s roles and responsibilities for moral and civic learning during the college years. Jon Dalton Director Institute on College Student Values.

– Jon C. Dalton  

A Benedictine Spirituality of Engagement and Community in College Classrooms

Dr. Carney Strange


A Celebration of Self: Using Self-Esteem Portfolios to Reveal Self-Concept in College Students

Susie Jans Thomas


A Character Education Seminar for Perservice Teachers

Dr. Jun Marshall, St. Joseph College


College and Character: Fostering Moral and Civic Engagement

George Rupp


God Goes to College: Students in the Age of the Spirit

Rev. William H. Willimon, Duke University


On Call: An Institutional Initiative to Explore Students’ Understandings of and Responses to Vocation

Jennifer Haworth, Loyola University, Chicago


Re-claiming Our Soul: Democracy and Higher Education

Arthur W. Chickering


Some Values are Never out of Date: Teaching Students to Help Themselves and Serve Others

Frederic Gratto & Katherine Gratto, University of Florida 


Volunteering at Omega

Eamon Berge


Teaching and Assessing for Students’ Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum

Stephen Sharkey & Russell Brooker, Alverno College 


Teaching Toward Virtue: Curriculum as Formation at Calvin College

Claudia Beversluis, Ph.D., Calvin College 


Values and Justice Education in College Science Courses

Trileigh Tucker, Seattle University