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2003 Institute Proceedings

Dalton logoThe theme of the 2003 Institute on College Student Values, Moral and Civic Responsibility: Can We Assess the Character Outcomes of College? focused on the examination of ways to assess the impact of college on students moral development. Institute speakers examined the topic from their personal and professional perspectives. Institute speakers represented a variety of national research programs and centers that are actively assessing the impact of character and student development inititatives in higher education. Edited versions of some of the major speakers presentations are included in these proceedings.

In addition to the presentations delivered by institute speakers, a number of concurrent session presentations were made by Institute participants and are included in these proceedings. Session topics focused on a variety of areas related to the Institute theme. Session presenters represented various backgrounds and experiences and included college administrators, faculty, researchers, students and other members of the higher education community. These concurrent sessions were selected for presentation by a screening panel and authors were invited to submit papers for this proceedings publication. We are pleased to be able to include a large number of them in our proceedings this year.

We are appreciative to the major speakers and concurrent session presenters for their important contribution to our Institute on College Student Values and this proceedings document. We firmly believe that these presentations offered at our Institute represent some of the best work in the area of assessment of character outcomes of today’s college students.

– Ashley Tull Editor, 2003 Institute Proceedings


A Values-Driven, Values Infused Education Curriculum

Jane Govoni, Saint Leo University


Affective Development in College Students, Strategies That Promote Ethical Decision-Making and Compassionate Choice

Gina Frieden, Vanderbilt University


Two Strands of HERI Research

Hope Jordan, Ph. D.,  Regent University


Assessing Students’ Perceptions of a Private University’s Core Mission and Values

Joseph W. Filkins, DePaul University 



Can We Bring Spirituality Back to Campus, Higher Education’s Re-Engagement with Values and Spirituality

Liesa Stamm, Rutgers University 


Catechism Redux, What Schools and Churches Need to Revive

Louis B. Gallien, Jr., Regent University


Creating Compassion through Controversy

Susie Jans-Thomas, Mount Mary College


Faith is a Verb, Faith Development as a Process of Growth Across the Life-Cycle

William M. Finnin, Jr., Southern Methodist University 


Fostering the ‘Whole Student’ Development Through Collaboration

Larry Braskamp, Loyal University, Chicago 


Helping Students to Learn Live and Love Their Institutional Values

Edward Dadez, St. Leo University 


Humanitarian Values in College Students

Michael Holloway, The Ohio State University 


If You Build It They Will Go … Creating Opportunities Within Academic Programs To Develop Good Citizens

Dr. Frederic Gratto, University of Florida 


International Service Learning and Student Values – Seeking Higher Ground

Roberta Waldbaum, University of Denver


The Bowling Green Experience, A State University’s Initiative to Prepare Principled Citizens

Eileen G. Sullivan, Bowling Green State University 


The Promise of Positive Psychology for the Assessment of Character Outcomes

Dr. James O. Pawelski, Vanderbilt University 


The Service Leadership Seminar Creating an environment for civic engagement and leadership development among freshmen students

Gina Kittel, Cristy Sibila, Ashley Tull, Christian Ulvert, Florida State University