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2009 Institute Proceedings


The Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values’ Institute Proceedings section includes keynote speaker presentations, keynote speech scripts, and major papers. For more information about the Institute, please visit studentvalues.fsu.edu.




Building on Student Strengths to Develop Professional Responsibility Across the Curriculum

by Englemann & Greenen

Creating a Strengths-Based Campus Culture

by Fitzgerald, Henck & Longman

Developing Character Strengths in College Students Through Online Interventions

by Hulme, Louis, & Lafreniere

Finding vs. Constructing the Good Life

by Timm Thorsen

From Emotion to Values and Back Again

by Sandra Graham

Happiness and Altruism

by Pete Mather

How Can Strengths Awareness Make a Difference in the Lives of Our Students

by Longman & Henck

Illustrating Professional & Personal Values Through Art

by Gregory P. Bocchino

Increasing College Students’ Purpose in Life

by Matthew J. Bundick

Increasing Student Leadership Effectiveness through the Development of Hope

by Marie Wisner

Lessons Learned on the Journey – How One College Became Comprehensively Strengths-Based

by Longman & Hill

My Story – Finding Passion

by Claire A. Crawford

On Being Happy But Not Guillible

by Joseph R. Ferrari

Positive Psychology on Campus – Measuring Student Thriving

by Laurie A. Schreiner

Post Graduation Year of Service – Opportunity to Pursue Meaning and Purpose

by Cheryl Keen

The Good Life – Finding Your Passion & Discovering Yourself

by Jensen-Crawford & Crawford

The Transformative Community Change Process – A Strengths-Based Process for Collaborative Change

by Terry Morrow

Use of ePortfolios to Faciliate College Student Skill Identification

by Garis, Lumsden, & Ford

Using Strengths to Enhance Motivation and Well-being in the Curriculum

by Frieden and Smith

Using Strengths to Enhance Motivation and Well-being in the Curriculum

by Tull & Wolek