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2010 Institute Proceedings


The Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values’ Institute Proceedings section includes keynote speaker presentations, keynote speech scripts, and major papers. For more information about the Institute, please visit studentvalues.fsu.edu.




An Interdisciplinary Approach to Creating a Faith, Values and Spirituality Program at a Secular Institution

by Stephanie Russell Holz & Ryan Cragun

Assessing Student Values Gained Through Residential Living

by Greg Brock & Patrick Bergquist

Becoming Places of Realized Potential

by Chris R. Glass & Nancy O’Neill

Co-Curricular Cornerstones – Educating the Whole Student

by Charles Stanley, Melissa Ortendahl & Ryan Darling

Creating an Instructional Model for Cultivating Character and Values among College Students

by Marsha R. Cuddeback & Frank M. Bosworth

Cultivating the Spirit – How College Enhances Students’ Inner Lives

by Alexander and Helen Astin

Ethics Instruction – A Must in Teacher Preparation Classes

by Charley Bowen

Exploring the Impact of Engaging Other Faiths on Student Faith Development within Evangelical Higher Education


by Bruce R. Norquist

Helping More Students Stay and Succeed in College – The Role of Spiritual Fit

by Karen A. Longman & Laurie Schreiner

Higher Education’s Social Contract for the Public Good (Part 1)


by Robert Hill

Hope Happens – Building Character Strengths that Matter

by Anita Henck & Eileen Hulme

Intercollegiate Athletics and Character Development – Rhetoric or Reality

by Robert A. Bonfiglio & Marilyn Moore

Is Civility a Forgotten Ethic – The Importance of Fostering Positive and Meaningful Interactions

by Emilye Mobley

Leading for Social Change – Student Transformation through Service Leadership Seminar

by Kathy Guthrie, Jill Peerenboom & Tamaria Jackson

Meeting Our Call to Action – Making Professional Education a Transformative Experience

by Mark Govoni & Aurelio Manuel Valente

Mercy, Not Sacrifice – College Student Spirituality and Social Concern and Action

by Philip Byers & Timothy Herrmann

Navigating the Ethical Dilemmas and Legal Constraints of Regulating Fan Behavior at Collegiate Sporting Events

by Jennifer Iacino & Joseph Beckham

Service Trip Programs as a Model of Civic Engagment – Moving Away from Povery Tourism

by Dan Kittle & Renee Sedlacek

Spiritual Development of College Students – To What End

by Mark Laboe & Siobhan O’Donoghue

Strengthening Our Communities From the Core – Character and Integrity Development of Student Leaders

by Conway Campbell & Ted Zito

Student Spiritual Development – A Frontier for Higher Education to Consider

by Miriam Garay Foronda

Student Values Across Cultures and Its Application on Our Campuses

by Aleksandra Nesic & Shelby Huber

The Bologna Process in Action, Integrating Service-Learning and Civic Engagement in a Community Partnership

by Roberta Waldbaum

The Cortina Program – A Living and Learning Model for Promoting Service and Social Justice

by Emily Hunt & Anne Ozar

The Expression of Values through Social Media

by Rebekah Dorn

The Impact of Study Abroad on College Student Spiritual Development

by Don Thompson & Cindy Miller-Perrin

The Media, Body Image, and Spirituality in College Females

by Sara Hightower

The Moral Mentor in the Classroom – Strategies for Nurturing Others’ Moral and Ethical Development

by Debora Liddell, Margaret A. Healy & Diane Cooper

The Value of Values – Exercises to Help Students Make Cent$ of their Values

by Nancy Friedman & Lindsey Katherine

The Value of Values – Exercises to Help Students Make Cent$ of their Values

by Katherine Friedman

Thriving Through Past Hurts – A Primer on the Benefits of Interpersonal Forgiveness

by Daniel B. Goldman & Brian C. Post

Thriving in College – The Role of Spirituality

by Laurie Schreiner

Trends in Leadership Development Theory – How the Transformational Leadership Characteristic of Women Values Individuals and Processes

by Shawna L. Lafreniere & Karen Longman

Two Decades of Developing Cultural Values through Beyond Borders

by Ladanya Ramirez Surmeier, Miguel Hernandez & Juan R. Guardia

Voices from Holden Village – Young Adult Development in a Mentoring Community

by Marie Walker, Chris Johnson & Paul Schadewald

What Do Our Students Bring to Campus – The Transmittal of Values in the African-American Community

by Natalie V. McLean & Emilye Mobley

Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Supporting the Civic Engagement of Leadership Development Organizations’ Alumni

by Becky A. Reamey, Matt DeMonbrun & Patty Ann Green

Whither Character Development – Story Lines from NSSE and Employers in an Era of Accountability

by George Kuh