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2011 Institute Proceedings


The Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values’ Institute Proceedings section includes keynote speaker presentations, keynote speech scripts, and major papers. For more information about the Institute, please visit studentvalues.fsu.edu.




Calibrating the Leadership Compass – A Model that Inspires and Transforms

by Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez and Chanel Stoval

Benevolent Purpose in Aristotle’s Theory of the Good Life

by Blaine J. Fowers

Benevolent Purposive Activities and Well-Being in College Students

by Blaine J. Fowers and Laura Cohen

Called by Community – Exploring the Communal Aspect of Students’ Seach for Purpose

by Sandy Murphy, Daniel Robinson and Rebecca Welch

Cultivating Professional Lives of Purpose – Collegiate Experiences and Vocational Awareness

by Jennifer Discher, Lee Krahenbuhl, and Carol Schwartz

Finding Your Calling – History, Research, and Applications

by Blake A. Allan and Elizabeth M. Bott

Fostering Purpose in Today’s College Student through The One Book-One Campus Initiative and Classroom Exercises in Reflection

by Lisa Liseno and Patrick Heaton

Future Shock – Expressions of Resistance Towards Helping Behavior

by Patricia Golay, Peter Hanowel, and Caleb Cash

Strengths Awareness & Development – Building Blocks to Affirming Purpose and Calling

by Karen A. Longman

To Consume As We Are Consumed – The Commodification of Education & The Development of Benevolent Purpose

by Philip Byers and Dr. Timothy Herrmann

Using a First year Seminar to Develop Students’ Sense of Benevolence and Service Through Scholarship and Personal Engagement

by Staci Cox