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Amy Biehl Foundation Project for High School Students

The Amy Biehl Foundation Project seeks to develop high school students’ critical awareness of compelling human rights issues and their sense of social responsibility for addressing human rights challenges (global and local) while working with college mentors. The guiding vision for the project is to cultivate students’ understanding of human dignity and the importance of confronting violence in any of its forms. This vision is based on values that were dear to Amy Biehl – a 26-year-old Fulbright scholar and anti-apartheid activist who was killed while working for social change in South Africa. Program goals are: to provide a foundation for students to understand the human rights challenges of the 21st century; to cultivate college-level critical thinking & research skills as students investigate a human rights issue of their choice; to engage students in an academic experience that teaches them to examine social issues from multiple perspectives.

Interested in their work? Learn more about the program and connect at http://www.whittier.edu/cec.

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