Discerning one’s call: A framework in the Christian tradition

Important Question Explored:  What kinds of resources in the Christian tradition can help students cultivate an inner life?

Micheal-Hebbeler-150x150.jpgMichael pursued an M.A. in theological studies at the University of Dayton, where he also studied as an undergraduate.  After college, he served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as an advocate for homeless families at New Life Community in Cleveland, OH.  His master’s thesis, The Sister Karamazov: Dorothy Day’s Encounter with Dostoevsky’s Novel, explores how a story can inform and shape a truthful life.



In the Christian tradition, the notion of vocation refers to one’s calling from God.  Responding to this call is the pathway to a purposeful life, and the tradition offers resources that can guide one’s response.  This idea of vocation and the spiritual practices that explore it are the basis for the University of Notre Dame’s Discernment Seminar, which provides students resources within a relational context to cultivate a life of meaning and purpose.

Session Experience: The aim of the presentation is to provide educators with an approach to cultivating a sense of purpose in their students’ lives.  This session will explore:

  • An emphasis on the need for students to “unplug” in order to create the necessary space for reflective thought
  • A framework through which students can approach vocational discernment
  • Resources in the Christian tradition that help students cultivate an interior life
  • A response to the interior “call” through action:  using one’s talents to meet the needs of the world

Extending the Experience: After the session, participants will . . . . . . have a framework that can help student approach vocational discernment.