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Disrupting the Cycle of Self-Objectification: Advocating for Women’s Identity Development

Presenter: Hayley Grace Meredith

Institution: Graduate Student

Professional Title: Taylor University


In order to advocate for women’s identity formation and against self-objectification during the college years, an understanding of how to deconstruct societal messages and pressures placed on college women today is needed. Relevant literature creates a strong case for the risk excessive discussion of the body poses for young women. The ramifications of ‘fat talk’ and self-objectification, and a consideration of what can be done to protect and guide women toward establishing a strong sense of self independent from and not determined solely by societal standards will be discussed. A program informed by existing literature and personal research of the presenter will also be proposed.

Learning Outcomes:

  • discuss and describe the interplay between fat talk, self-objectification, and gender ideology
  • devise and/or refine both a personal and collective approach to disrupting self-objectification processes as means of advocating for college women’s identity formation