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Ethics Education and Polytechnic Universities

Kat-Lui-_0.jpgSession Experience: This session will be unique because its focus is on polytechnic universities. As applied learning institutions of higher education, polytechnic universities have a  unique position to leverage their proximity to organizations and bring values centered leadership into the classroom.  Part of the secret sauce of these high performing cultural organizations is leaders and their values. I am eager to engage others in conversation about this idea.

Kat Lui: Professor, Chair, People Process Culture; Associate Dean, College of Management at the University of Wisconsin – Stout

Background Experience: Lui holds an endowed chair position focused on high performing organizational cultures.


Participants will engage in a dialogue about business ethics curriculum. This concept paper will explore the state of business ethics curriculum across United States-and New Zealand based polytechnic universities with a goal to understand how business ethics are taught (methods) and what is covered in curriculum (content). Consistent with Hartigan’s work on “The Power of Unreasonable People,” we will discuss business models that provoke social change and the notion of short term service learning requirements for business students.

Extending the Experience: “One of the notions of our concept paper will be the requirement of business students to spend time in service learning, non-profit, co-op settings to instill systematic change in business ethics mindsets. I look forward to having a conversation about this idea.”