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Haverford College: College of Character

Haverford College is a coeducational, undergraduate, liberal arts college, founded by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Although no longer church-affiliated, traditional Quaker values of individual dignity, academic strength, and tolerance for others remains part of the campus ethos. The college offers a number of academic and co-curricular programs that encourage the ethical and moral development of its students.

Curricular Innovations

Haverford views education as one “means for understanding the historical conditions and cultural mechanisms of social injustice.” Each student is required to complete a social justice course before graduating.

First Year Programs

The Customs Program is a year-long, student-run program that introduces new students to life at Haverford. As Haverford’s oldest tradition, “Customs is about community, not conformity. It’s about getting along with and learning about our differences. It’s about both learning and teaching from each other’s differences and from each other’s backgrounds.”

Academic Integrity

The Honor Code at Haverford is a student-run system that governs student academic and social life. The Honor Code is “not a list of rules, it is a philosophy of conduct through honesty, integrity, and understanding.”

Community Service

The 8th Dimension is a student-run community service network begun in 1976. At the time of its inception, Haverford’s curriculum was divided into seven dimensions. Students added an eighth dimension of community service as a reflection of traditional Quaker social concerns. Approximately fifty percent of students are involved in community service each year.

Health/Wellness Programs

Wellness is a required component of Haverford education. Lecture and discussion series focus on physical fitness, health, spiritual wellness, substance abuse, and time/stress management.


Haverford has historically embraced women and men of all races, religions, ethnicities, and sexual orientations, and provides extensive opportunities for diversity education. Courses in various non-Western traditions reflect that commitment to diversity. The Peace Studies Program involves faculty and students in social justice missions around the world. The Women’s Center develops programs to deepen understanding of women’s roles in communities and the world.

Haverford, PA

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