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Head and Heart: The Mission of the Journal of College & Character and the Character Clearinghouse in Connecting Intellectual and Ethical Development in College


Presenter: Jon C.  Dalton

Professional Title: Professor Emeritus of Higher Education

Institution: Florida State University

Background Experience: Jon Dalton served as dean of students at Iowa State and vice president for student affairs at Florida State. He is former director of the Hardee Center for Leadership and founder/co-editor of the Journal of College and Character. He helped to create the annual Institute on College Student Values and is a past president of NASPA.


Pam-Crosby--150x150.jpgPresenter: Pamela C. Crosby

Professional Title: Editor

Institution: NASPA: Florida State University

Background Experience: Pam Crosby is co-editor of the Journal of College and Character and chief editor of Character Clearinghouse. She is a former high school teacher, department chair, and academic director. Her advanced degrees are in philosophy, and her research interests are philosophical ethics and historical perspectives in higher education.



This session will provide a discussion of the major themes and topics including social media that have been published in the Journal of College & Character and Character Clearinghouse as well as publication opportunities and information for prospective writers.

Important Questions Explored: What are the major trends in research and programs in the field of moral education of college students? What are the publishing guidelines and expectations of authors who plan to submit to the Journal of College & Character and/or Character Clearinghouse?

Extension of Session Experience: Prospective authors will return to their institutions with additional information about publication opportunities regarding the Journal of College & Character and Character Clearinghouse, as well as have resources to build on their knowledge of trends in research and programs in the field.