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A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Mediation as Benevolent Purpose

Important Question Explored: What are ways that best integrate real-life skills into theoretical courses for student enrichment?


A trained mediator who teaches in the Philosophy program and Justice and Peace Studies program, Jessica Gosnell, PhD facilitates a teaching circle on “Alternatives to Lecturing” as part of the Center for Teaching Excellence at St. Ambrose University.




This program will demonstrate how civic engagement can help students to cultivate the personal value of benevolent purpose in their lives.  By taking very tangible and real-life mediation skills and guiding students from theory through practice and ultimately reflection, this approach to teaching helps students realize the benefit of their education beyond the utilitarian value (what they see as “degree-producing”) to the rewards that they will reap for themselves.

Session Experience: Through discussion, the session offers opportunities for individuals to share with, and learn from, civic engagement practitioners and others, and focuses on mediation as a practical application of theoretical perspectives of justice.

Extending the Experience: After the session participants will . . . . . . have practical strategies for teaching abstract concepts.