• The Kaleidoscope Project

The Kaleidoscope Project, University of Calgary

The Kaleidoscope Project envisions a more pluralistic and inclusive campus community and invites students to engage in learning, conversation and action with others who may have a different background or viewpoint. Through conversation and action students can begin to build a more engaged and diverse community on campus and in Calgary – a community that works together, regardless of religious tradition, spirituality, culture, identity, sexual orientation, gender, and personal or political views. The Kaleidoscope Project is one of the only programs of this type on Canadian campuses that incorporates an intercultural development plan, academic learning, co-curricular experiential learning modules, and personal reflection and development. Participants experience religious diversity by:

  • Visiting over 10 sacred spaces and cultural restaurants in Calgary
  • Learning about pluralism, inter-religious dialogue, and religion & the public sphere
  • Engaging in critical thinking and developing practical skills to engage across lines of difference
  • Completing an assessment measuring their intercultural competencies and creating a development plan
  • Gaining professional development experience by cultivating skills on religious and cultural competence in the workplace


Website: University of Calgary Kaleidoscope Project 

Facebook: Faith & Spirituality Centre, UCalgary

Twitter: FSC_UCalgary

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