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Lipscomb University: College of Character

Lipscomb University is small, private university affiliated with the Church of Christ. Over 2,500 students are enrolled at the university and choose from among more than 100 major areas of study. The university, founded with Christian teaching as its core, is dedicated to producing citizens who model high standards of character through an emphasis on daily Biblical instruction and community awareness and service.


The mission of Lipscomb University is to integrate Christian faith and practice with academic excellence. The mission is carried out in class and in students’ involvement in church and the community. Recently, the university added a Statement on Values and Vision, which provides a vision for faculty and staff to use in order to enhance students’ spiritual, academic, and campus experiences.

Curricular innovations

Lipscomb infuses spirituality across the curriculum with an emphasis on integrating faith and learning. The Education Department uses the CHARACTER COUNTS! framework in their classroom management class in order to prepare new teachers to be able to establish rules, procedures, and consequences that will help their students be productive citizens. General education requirements help students to develop knowledge, skills, and values in order to be responsible citizens.

Academic Integrity

At Lipscomb, all students are obligated to sign and adhere to a student-developed Academic Honor Code. In addition, students agree to sign honor statements following all major assignments and exams.

First Year Programs

The First Year Experience program equips freshmen with a structure that will help determine their future success in college as they learn to serve the community and contribute to the overall Christian atmosphere on the campus.

Special initiatives

The Center for Character Development is committed to the understanding, promotion, and advancement of excellent character through public awareness, advocacy, and training for a better world. A steering committee, comprised of thirty-five city leaders, has been established to enable Lipscomb to serve as a catalyst for a city-wide character education effort.

Nashville, TN

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