• Mount Holyoke

Mount Holyoke: College of Character

Mount Holyoke is the nation’s oldest continuing institution of higher education for women. Mount Holyoke provides a liberal arts education to approximately 2000 women each year. We recognize the college as a College of Character for its sustained efforts in developing a campus community based on ethical principles of personal and civic responsibility.


The mission of Mount Holyoke is to foster the alliance of a liberal arts education with purposeful engagement in the world. The college strives to produce graduates who are responsible citizens and value the principles of human dignity and freedom of inquiry.

Creeds, Codes, Compacts

Mount Holyoke has a statement on Community Responsibilities and Rights that is based on personal integrity. The statement outlines the expectations of all members of the Mount Holyoke community. Expectations include the responsibility to respect individual freedom, respect the rights of others, celebrate diversity, and participate in the community with honesty.

Academic Integrity

Students at Mount Holyoke pledge to uphold the Honor Code, which is based on honesty and respect. Students pledge to try to understand how their actions and words affect others in the community, and they strive to balance individual freedom with responsibility to the community.

First Year Programs

Mount Holyoke sponsors an Orientation program each summer that helps new students learn about being a member of the Mount Holyoke community and the importance of upholding the student honor code. In addition, the Second Saturday program provides community service projects and other events that connect new students to the greater community surrounding the college.

Community Service and Civic Education

The office of Community Service provides opportunities for students to “learn beyond the gate” of the college. Community based learning courses encourage students to combine their academics with social practice.