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Pre-conference with Clare Cady

The 2015 Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values is underway. After participants received the conference schedule and their morning cup of coffee at registration, they soon headed to the preconference workshop with Clare Cady titled, “Food Insecurity on Campus: Why it is a Problem and what We’re Doing about it.” Clare began the conversation by discussing three layers of poverty in higher education: Generational (individuals grew up in poverty), working poor (individuals who are in the workforce, but live below the poverty line), and situational (poverty caused by situational factors). The conversation then developed into a discussion around poverty and food insecurity. Clare touched on how food insecurity adversely affects student’s academic success, causing behavior problems, tardiness, low test scores, and even mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. To identify ways in which food insecurity and poverty can be addressed, Clare presented best practices including her current work with the Human Services Resource Center at Oregon State University and the College and University Foodbank Alliance, as well as other resources such as the Wisconsin Hope Lab, and ways in which individuals are able to partner with community agencies.

The session wrapped up with a panel consisting of individuals from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) and Florida State University (FSU). The panel included FAMU’s Director of Health Services, Tanya Tatum, and the FAMU Office Manager of Health Services, Harriett Jennings, as well as Florida State University’s Assistant Dean of Students, Darren MacFarlane, and an alumna of FSU involved with the FSU Food Pantry, Jennifer Nicholson. The panel provoked thoughtful reflections about the role higher education plays in food insecurity and poverty, prompting conversation around questions such as: How can higher education improve campus food pantries locally and globally? Why is food insecurity becoming such a hot topic? And what are individual experiences involving students with food insecurity? To find out contributions and answers to these questions follow the hashtag #Dalton15. After Clare Concluded her session participants moved to lunch. Concurrent sessions one, two, and three, will be soon begin!