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Reinventing the College Extracurriculum for Academic and Moral Purposes: A Session Sponsored by the Journal of College and Character and Character Clearinghouse

Dr. Jon C. DaltonPresenter: Jon C. Dalton

Professional Title: Professor Emeritus of Higher Education

Institution: Florida State University

Background Experience: Jon Dalton, who served as a dean of students and vice president for student affairs, has a long standing interest in revitalizing the college extracurriculum. He is former director of the Hardee Center for Leadership and Ethics at Florida State University, and is co-editor of the Journal of College and Character, sponsored by NASPA.

Pam CrosbyPresenter: Pamela C. Crosby

Professional Title: Editor

Institution: NASPA; Florida State University

Background Experience: Pam Crosby is co-editor of the Journal of College and Character,sponsored by NASPA, and chief editor of Character Clearinghouse, sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at FSU. Her advanced degrees are in philosophy, and her research interests are philosophical ethics and historical perspectives in higher education.


The college extracurriculum (out of class activities and experiences) provides one of the most important influences on the moral beliefs and behaviors of college students during the college years. This session will examine the positive and negative moral influences of the extracurriculum and discuss how colleges and universities can better connect and integrate the extracurriculum with the academic goals and moral mission of the institution.

Session Experience: “We will be presenting a critique of some of the problems with the contemporary college extracurriculum and offering suggestions on strategies for enhancing student affairs’ leadership in designing and leading student activities that can be integrated with the academic and moral mission of colleges and universities.” The Journal of College and Character and Character Clearinghouse are sponsoring this session.

Extending the Experience: This presentation is based on a working paper that will be published as a From the Editors article in the August 2012 Back-to-School issue of the Journal of College and Character, along with articles by invited authors writing on the topic of the extracurricuum. In fall 2012, Character Clearinghouse will publish reviews of invited authors’ books on this subject.   


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