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RENEW Peer Educators

Renew logoRENEW’s peer educators consistently strive towards academic excellence, servant leadership, professionalism, and upholding the integrity of the University Counseling Center and Florida State University. By proactively engaging with students and developing new techniques to combat negative stereotypes on emotional wellness, our peer educators inspire and foster a better understanding of emotional wellness among the student body. We serve the FSU community through providing individualized instructional sessions, presentations, and outreach related to stress management, time management, study skills, healthy relationships, adjustment to college, and counseling center services. Each member contributes a minimum of 25 hours per semester to our university through outreach and intervention surrounding emotional wellness.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on the development of our own community and family-like support system. A growth focus is exhibited through our efforts to develop professionally and through interpersonal introspection.


Website: counseling.fsu.edu Facebook: Renew FSU Twitter: @RENEWFSU Instagram:renewfsu

For more information about the RENEW Peer Educators Program contact UCC-RENEW@admin.fsu.edu !