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Roanoke College: College of Character

Roanoke College is a traditional, coeducational, liberal arts college affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Founded in 1842, the college serves over 1,700 students. Roanoke College was selected as a College of Character because of its comprehensive effort to facilitate values development among its students.


According to the Statement of Purpose, Roanoke College is dedicated to preparing students for responsible lives of learning, service, and leadership. Roanoke engages in an integrative approach to education that strives to balance intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and personal growth. The College provides opportunities for students to engage in community service, ethical and social issues, and religious activities.

Curricular Innovations

The curriculum at Roanoke seeks to help students with the following tasks: Engage different systems of values and thought; understand an academic discipline’s role in society; develop a set of moral values; engage in the spiritual and ethical dimensions of work and life; commit to service to others; and pursue mental and physical well being. A required course on Values and Responsible Life provides students with the opportunity to reflect on their own values while investigating the philosophical systems of other people. A Senior Symposium provides students with the opportunity to explore problems of contemporary and enduring importance. The Co-Curricular Learning and Service program helps new students connect to learning opportunities at the College, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students participate in community service and campus activities while identifying learning goals in three areas: Leadership and citizenship, personal growth, and intellectual or aesthetic experiences.

Spiritual Development

Students at Roanoke are encouraged to be involved in religious and spiritual activities. The college believes that through constant cultivation of religious life, students can develop an understanding of their ethical and spiritual responsibilities in society. The Religious Life Center is a gathering place for student fellowship, informal conversation, and dialogue over moral and theological issues that affect both the students and the society in which they live.

Community Service and Civic Education

The Center for Community Research provides opportunities for faculty members and students to conduct research projects in the local community. The Center for Community Service offers opportunities to the student body to engage in service to the community.

Student Creeds, Codes, and Compacts

Students at Roanoke must sign to uphold a policy of academic integrity and a code of student conduct before entering the school. These codes are based on the values of honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

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