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Social Media in Civic Engagement


Presenter: Kevin Hemer

Professional Title: Graduate Assistant for Community Engagement, Center for Leadership and Social Change

Institution: Florida State University

Background Experience: Kevin Hemer is interested in the variety of ways students engage in their communities. He is dedicated to helping students become skilled participative citizens and community builders in our diverse society.



Students and educators have utilized different methods for communication and advocacy over the last 10, 20, or 40 years. This interactive presentation will discuss the well-known presence of digital media in society and current literature on how that digital media are used for civic engagement among college students in their social curriculum. This presentation will call on the audience to critically evaluate the material and provide personal experience in addressing steps towards the future.

Important Question(s) Explored: “How are digital media utilized by students in the practice of civic engagement?”

Extension of Session experience:   This session will introduce participants to literature around student engagement and activism through the use of digital platforms. It will also allow participants to examine how students have previously used media for civic engagement and analyze their role in helping students use digital media for civic engagement.