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Social Media Woes: Helping Students Market Themselves Online

Cecilia-Finch--150x150.jpgPresenter: Cecilia Finch

Professional Title: Graduate Hall Director

Institution: University of West Florida

Background Experience: Cecilia Finch is in her second year of graduate school studying college student personnel administration at the University of West Florida. She is currently working with UWF housing and residence life as a graduate hall director, and plans to continue a career in university housing after graduation. Cecilia received a bachelor of science in aquaculture from Florida Institute of Technology in 2011, but her active involvement on campus led her to pursue a degree and career in student affairs.



Social media use has a large presence among college students, as well as in the job marketing and recruitment field. Students can easily find themselves at the bottom of a candidate pool because of a negative online identity. Student affairs professionals play an important role in helping students to improve their identity online through connecting with students and teaching students about the importance of properly using social media. This presentation will provide data regarding social media recruiting and will facilitate discussions and a brief activity on how to apply these data to assisting our students.

Important Question Explored: “How can I, as a student affairs professional, help my students to see the importance of creating a positive online identity and help them to accomplish that?”

Extension of Session Experience: Participants will learn valuable information about social media recruiting through data and statistics. The session will be interactive through discussion as well as a brief activity. The presentation will also explore ways for student affairs professionals to help and encourage students to market themselves through a positive online identity.