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Supporting Students’ Social Visions

Beth NahlikBeth Nahlik has been the Assistant Director of the Center for Leadership and Service at the University of Florida for three years. In this capacity, Nahlik manages the fifth largest alternative breaks (FAB) program in the country. Even though many students go for the sole purpose of service, as FAB’s advisor, Nahlik strives to instill a commitment of social responsibility through education, reflection, and strong peer networks. She enjoys a good cup of coffee.



Angela GarciaAngela Garcia has been the AmeriCorps VISTA member at the University of Florida for almost two years. She manages over 400 college student mentors in the Alachua County Public School System and has worked to implement a comprehensive online training program. The training educates mentors about the importance of their role and the impact they have in the community. She likes monkeys.




For the past three years, the University of Florida has engaged students in an innovate program called Gator Global Initiative (GGI). GGI is a catalyst for students looking to increase knowledge and skills and builds a support network for translating their social visions into outcomes. Through panels of experts and peer networks, students are educated about social entrepreneurship in the context of various social issues. Participants in this session will identify steps to incorporate similar initiatives on their own campus.

Session Experience: This session will demonstrate the impact of collaboration across campus disciplines. Participants will engage in interactive brainstorming activities that identify what students on their campus value. Participants will also reflect on the current work being done in this area by and for students.

Extending the Experience: After the session, participants will . . . will have the opportunity to keep in contact with the presenters for further information on their upcoming Gator Global Initiative or other programs through their office.