Session Presentations

This section highlights the Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values presentations. Entitled Institute Voices, this section aims to provide resources for institute attendees and feature the Dalton Institute session presenters. The session features have become a key resource  for institutions who are interested in the latest research and practices concerning moral development of college students. Institute Voices provides faculty, administrators, graduate students, practitioners in student services and campus ministry, as well as others engaged in research and practice in moral education access to resources long after the Institute is over. Click the theme and year below to engage in research around the moral development of college students.





2016. Student Activism & Advocacy: Higher Education’s Role in Fostering Ethical Leadership and Moral Commitment

2015. Widening Inequalities: Educating College Students to be Fair and Equitable in the World They will Lead


2013. Character in an Age of Self-Promotion:  Exploring the Role of Social Media on College Student Development


2012. Values to Action: Preparing College Students to be Positive Changemakers in the Global Society


2011. Letting Your Life Speak: Cultivating Benevolent Purpose in College Students