Faith & Spirituality

Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and Understanding

Berkley-Center-for-Religion..-300x181.pngThe Berkley Center  for Religion, Peace, and Understanding at Georgetown University is at the heart of a university-wide effort to make Georgetown a global leader in the interdisciplinary study of religion and the advancement of interreligious understanding.



Center for Spiritual Life, Eckerd College 

Eckerd-College--300x225.jpgThe mission of the Center for Spiritual Life is to challenge the mind, nurture the spirit, and develop the talents of all those who utilize the services of the Center.





Center for Spirituality, St. Mary's College

St.-Mary-Center-for-Spirituality-300x163.pngThe Saint Mary’s College Center for Spirituality (CFS) invites national and international scholars in discussion of critical issues related to spirituality.




Center for Spirituality & Healing, University of Minnesota

Center-of-Spirituality-and-healing-minn-300x300.jpgThe University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing enriches health and well-being by providing high-quality interdisciplinary education, conducting rigorous research, and delivering innovative programs that advance integrative health and healing.







Dharmakirti College 

D-College-1-1-300x225.jpgDharmakirti College, named after the famous Indian Buddhist philosopher is a Vajrayana Buddhist organization striving to help ordinary beings attain enlightenment in this lifetime. To help achieve this, they offer comprehensive and systematic programs of study and practice guided by qualified masters in the tradition and facilitated by ordained Western practitioners.



Five Colleges

Five-Colleges-300x200.pngThe Five Colleges provide an excellent environment in which to study Buddhism, with one of the largest concentrations of scholars of Buddhist Studies in the United States: collectively, we enable students to study most of the major Buddhist traditions.




International Buddhist College

International-buhddist-college-300x200.pngIBC (International Buddhist College) offers students a unique opportunity of experiencing a comprehensive and in-depth study of Buddhism from a non-sectarian point of view, while promoting knowledge and understanding of the different schools and traditions within Buddhism.




Maitripa University

Maitripa-College--300x109.jpgSince its founding, Maitripa’s innovative approach and academic vision has attracted some of the most respected and accomplished teachers of Buddhism in the west as faculty, guest lecturers and/or participants in academic conferences and forums.


Multifaith Center, Wellesley College

Wellesly-Multifaith-Center-300x225.jpgThe Multifaith Center is a global center of learning and discovery for all people; a place for prayer, meditation, study, worship, and education.






Naropa University

Naropa-Univeristy--300x200.jpgNaropa University’s founding was inspired by Nalanda University, established in Northern India in the 5th century, CE. At Nalanda, Buddhist philosophy and the discipline of meditation provided an environment in which scholars, teachers and students from many countries and religious backgrounds came to study, debate and share their respective traditions.



Spiritual Center, The College of New Jersey

Spiritual-Life-New-JErsey-300x177.pngReligious & Spiritual Life functions to provide an open and collaborative environment in which members of the campus community can nourish their spirits as well as pursue religious inquiry and practice.




Tibet Center, University of Virginia 

TIbet-Center-300x224.jpgThe study of Tibetan Buddhism and Bon has been an integral part of the humanities and social sciences at UVa for more than thirty-five years. The Tibetan Buddhist Studies program maintains an international reputation for its graduate and undergraduate studies, its overseas programs, its innovative digital scholarship, and its ongoing promotion of research in Tibetan culture and society.



Yale Center for Faith and Culture 

Yale-Center-300x161.pngThe Yale Center for Faith & Culture sponsors ongoing programs, fixed-term projects, and short-term initiatives dedicated to understanding and revitalizing the ways in which religious commitments interact with culture and shape people’s lives.