Global Engagement

ACES Academy for Global Engagement, University of Illinois

International-Programs-Illinois-300x237.pngACES OIP fosters scientific exchanges and collaborations of faculty, academic professionals, and students with international partners that capitalize on innovative science and technology, knowledge transfer and information technology, as well as global learning, education, leadership, and community development. ACES OIP promotes internationalizing our college by focusing on the global issues of food security, nutrition, agriculture, environment, natural resources, as well as human and community wellness.



Award for Global Engagement, University of Minnesota

Award-for-Global-Engagement--300x178.jpgThe all-University Award for Global Engagement is given to faculty and staff members in recognition of outstanding contributions to global education and international programs at the University or in their field or discipline. In addition to honoring individual faculty and staff members, the award—by identifying excellence in global engagement and by recognizing outstanding work—serves as a resource and inspiration to other faculty and staff.



Center for Global Engagement, Florida State University

CGME-300x169.jpgThe mission of the Center for Global Engagement (CGE) is to facilitate international diversity and foster global understanding and awareness within the FSU community.





Department of International Studies, University of Oregon

International-Studies-ORegon--300x148.jpgThe Department of International Studies at the University of Oregon offers interdisciplinary bachelor of arts (B.A.) and master of arts (M.A.) degrees. We are a vibrant and diverse community of interdisciplinary scholars, students, and activists from around the country and around the globe, committed to understanding our globalized world and putting that understanding to practice.



Global Certificate, Washington University, Saint Louis

Washington-University-Saint-Louis--300x300.jpgGlobal Certificate courses are housed in different divisions to provide students the best access to experts and scholars on a variety of international topics. The coursework also allows students the opportunity to explore, compare, contrast and integrate the approaches of different academic disciplines.






Global Engagement Certificate, Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw-State--300x203.jpgThe Global Engagement Certification is an initiative designed by the faculty and staff of KSU to recognize your achievements in global learning. It is available to both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at Kennesaw State University.





Global Engagement Office, University of California Berkeley

UC-Berkley--300x163.jpgThe UC Berkeley Global Engagement web portal is designed to share information on the broad range of activities that tie UC Berkeley to the world. From study abroad opportunities to multi-lateral research collaborations, global engagement is a driving force in faculty and student life. This portal aims to assist Berkeley’s faculty, staff and students find the tools and resources they need to bring Berkeley to the world and the world to Berkeley.



Global Engagement Award, University of Nevada, Reno

UN-Reno--300x235.jpgEstablished in 2011, the Global Engagement Award is a university-wide award for full-time academic faculty and administrative faculty in recognition of their outstanding contributions to international programs; international program development; academic and global outreach programs; or international research and teaching at the University of Nevada, Reno.




Global Engagement Summit

Global-Engagement-Summit-300x155.pngThe Global Engagement Summit believes that by connecting and empowering students we can begin to meet pressing social needs. We are a student-run social innovation conference that gathers young changemakers from around the world to develop and implement effective social ventures. By connecting delegates with experts in international development and successful entrepreneurs, we create a launchpad that transforms ideas into realities.



Global Michigan

Global-Michigan-300x192.pngGlobal Michigan is a campus-wide portal for the University of Michigan’s international engagement. The site features faculty initiatives, education abroad opportunities for students and a collection of travel policies and resources designed to support global activities for all U-M community members.




Global Studies Center, Smith University

Global-Studies-Center-300x163.jpgThe Lewis Global Studies Center will integrate, enrich and promote opportunities for the critical study of global issues internationally and within the United States in order to advance the college’s mission to prepare women for global citizenship and leadership. The center engages Smith students, faculty and staff in international and intercultural studies and cultivates an understanding of the global context of a Smith education.



Institute for Global and International Studies, George Washington University

Elliot-School-of-International-Affairs--300x170.jpgThe Institute for Global and International Studies (IGIS) is located within GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs. It comprises a multidisciplinary group of faculty, professionals, researchers, and students.





Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota

Institute-for-Global-Studies-UM-300x183.jpgThe Institute for Global Studies prepares students for global citizenship by providing unique opportunities in undergraduate education. Global Studies majors have the flexibility to explore a wide variety of disciplines while integrating this knowledge with a rigorous core curriculum.



Internationalization Lab, Valparaiso University

Valparaiso-University-FAD83838-300x225.jpgIn recognition of its current level of internationalization, Valparaiso University is one of eight institutions in the United States invited into the American Council on Education’s (ACE) 2010-2011 Internationalization Laboratory Cohort. The goal of the Laboratory is to prepare students to be citizens of a multicultural community by infusing international/intercultural dimensions into all aspects of teaching, learning, research, service, and outreach.



Samuel & Ava Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement

Sam-and-Ava-Spencer-1-1-300x129.png The Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement is literally and figuratively at the heart of Mary Baldwin College. Located in the middle of campus, the Center is a living testament to Mary Baldwin’s commitment to both local and worldwide community outreach.


Student Handbook for Global Engagement, University of Michigan 

Univ-of-Michigan-1-1-300x300.jpg This Student Handbook represents over a year of collaborative work between U-M students across disciplines. Our intent is to offer a roadmap for planning projects abroad, with advice on multiple levels — from the logistics of paying for your trip and staying safe, to broader issues such as ethics and sustainability.