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Florida State University

Holistic Learning

College Interdisciplinary Programs, University of Utah

University of UtahInterdisciplinary programs within the College draw on courses from a wide range of disciplines, both within the College of Humanities and across the broader University of Utah campus.






Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, Western Washington University

Fairhaven CollegeFairhaven, begun in 1967 as an experimental college within Western Washington University, exists today as an undergraduate learning community defined by five attributes:(1) Interdisciplinary study, (2) Student-designed studies and evaluation of learning, (3) Examination of issues arising from a diverse society, (4) Development of leadership and a sense of social responsibility, (5) Curricular, instructional and evaluative innovation.




Interdisciplinary Major Program, University of Virginia

UVA College of Arts and SciencesThe Interdisciplinary Major Program offers students with unusual interests, superior ability, and exceptional self-discipline the opportunity to design an individual program of study instead of pursuing a regular department major.




Interdisciplinary Programs and Courses, Colorado College

Colorado College InterdiscplinaryThe purpose of a liberal education is not only to train students in some specialized branch of knowledge but also to make them aware of the interconnections among different branches of knowledge. To allow them to begin the task of synthesis and comparison which they will perform for the rest of their lives, in our complex society, the College offers courses in the general studies and interdisciplinary category.




Literary Societies, Illinois College

Illinois CollegeLiterary, fraternal and social activities are organized in one organization at Illinois College.  Initial literary society formation on the campus began in 1843 due to strong interest in intercollegiate oratory and requests for organizations specializing in literary and forensic expression.




Outside the Classroom Curriculum, University of Pittsburgh

Outside the Curriculum“Outside the Classroom Curriculum” is an initiative at the University of Pittsburgh designed to educate the whole student through the completion of experiences that incorporate four key qualities: communications skills, a sense of motivation, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of self.





Undergraduate & Interdisciplinary Studies, UC Berkeley

Interdisciplinary studies, UC BerkleyUndergraduate and Interdisciplinary Studies (UGIS) in the Undergraduate Division of the College of Letters and Science serves as a center for innovations in undergraduate education that extend beyond traditional departmental boundaries.





William R. Wood Center, University of Alaska

William Wood CenterThe William R. Wood Center at the University of Alaska strives to cultivate the whole person by providing such activities as an “Outdoors Adventures” program that connects students with the profound beauty and resources of Alaska’s natural world.

About the Character Clearinghouse

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