Arts and Humanities, Keen State College

Arts-and-Humanities-Keen-State-College-300x187.pngThe mission of the School of Arts and Humanities is to cultivate in our undergraduate students, and in the regional community, an understanding of the human condition through scholarly, artistic, and civic engagement.




The Arts of Citizenship Program, University of Michigan


Arts of Citizenship helps University of Michigan graduate students develop collaborative projects with community partners that address real-world challenges and enhance students’ professional development.




Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere, University of Florida

Center-for-Humanities-and-the-Public-Sphere-300x158.png The Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere at the University of Florida has three interrelated purposes: (1) to facilitate and promote the research programs of humanities scholars at the University, (2) to provide an intellectual space and a physical location within the University and College for critical and collaborative discussions of the humanities that reach across and beyond individual disciplines, and (3) to provide a place for outreach to the community in which we live and teach.


Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta


Community Service-Learning, housed within the Faculty of Arts, makes learning come alive. We link academic coursework to community-based experiences. Students bring their time and talents to community organizations as part of their studies, challenging them to engage with their learning in fresh new ways and to explore relationships between theory and practice.





Humanitarian Engineering Program, Colorado School of Mines

Humanitarian-Engineering-Program-300x166.pngTeach students how engineering can contribute to co-creating just and sustainable solutions for communities. To co-create is to define and propose solutions jointly with the communities that our students serve. Too often, interactions between engineers and communities rest under the assumption that engineers have all the knowledge, skills, and resources to solve problems for communities, which lack all of these. Such a perspective often gets in the way of effective solutions.


Humanities and Science, Cornish College of the Arts

Humanities-and-Science-Cornish-300x223.png The Humanities and Sciences Department at Cornish College of the Arts is committed to helping students understand the social, environmental and cultural contexts that shape and inspire artistic response and expression. Becoming an educated artist means more than developing deep knowledge and practice in one’s artistic discipline and craft. It means becoming conscious about how that discipline connects with the world at large. Working within a liberal studies framework, we expose students to the kinds of questions and exploratory processes that will help them better comprehend the world in which we live. Our aim is to help students connect their evolving knowledge and abilities with their artistic identities and their capacity for civic engagement in the world.


Humanities Institute, University of Texas at Austin

Humanities-Institute-300x300.png The Humanities Institute aims to serve as a leader both nationally and at UT in promoting public scholarship in the arts and humanities. Through its public programs and online resources, the Institute offers humanities and civic engagement opportunities to the diverse communities it serves. A member of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes, the Institute also connects with national initiatives in public humanities programming and University-community relations. The following entries provide more information about other humanities organizations and community engagement projects.




Interdisciplinary Signature Area, University of Colorado, Denver

University-of-Colorado-Denver-300x169.jpgThe Social Justice program encourages students to recognize how race, class, and gender intersect with citizenship. It reinforces the many ways that the University of Colorado, Denver students are already engaged as citizens. And it helps solidify their power to effect change.




Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Central Florida

UCF-Women-and-Gender-studies-300x114.pngEach semester, undergraduate students in the UCF Women’s Studies Program turn knowledge into action by completing Service Learning projects with community partners. In the classroom, students learn theories and methods of analyzing women’s roles in history and contemporary society and the importance of activism on behalf of women. Students then take that knowledge into the community and learn how to make social change.