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Character Clearinghouse

Florida State University

Online and Distance Learning

The Center for Communication and Civic Engagement

Center for Communication and Civic EngagementThe Center for Communication and Civic Engagement is dedicated to understanding communication processes and media technologies that facilitate positive citizen involvement in politics and social life.




The Center for Digital Civic Engagement, Minnesota Campus Compact

Center for Digital Civic EngagementThe Center for Digital Civic Engagement is a project of Minnesota Campus Compact. The CDCE serves as a resource for sharing information on the study and practice of the innovative use of digital technologies to support civic engagement in higher education and service-learning in online teaching.




 Online Program in Nonprofit Administration

NonProfitAdministrationLogoThe Online Program in Nonprofit Administration is coordinated by UMOnline, Continuing Education, and the Office for Civic Engagement in partnership with the Montana Nonprofit Association.  These courses are run entirely online and are designed for interested students as well as busy professionals working in the nonprofit sector.  Practicing administrators and others interested in building skills relating to nonprofit administration are encouraged to register. The courses do not require specific meeting times.  Students may elect to take one or all of the courses. Some courses require the purchase of text books.


Web-Based Communication Modules for Service Learning, Eastern Carolina University

Web-based Communication ModulesThe modules are intended to help ECU faculty work collaboratively with engagement initiatives on campus supporting ECU’s motto “servire” or “to serve.”









About the Character Clearinghouse

Character Clearinghouse is an online center of information about research, curricula, and practices relating to the moral development of college students and features resources such as program descriptions, interviews, and other types of articles. […] Find out more »