Outside the United States

The Caledonian Club, Glasgow Caledonian University

GCUwhite.pngJust one of the innovative routes the university has taken to interact more closely with its neighboring communities is through the establishment of The Caledonian Club, a ground-breaking initiative that has allowed children as young as three to take classes at the university.




Community Engagement, University of Newcastle, Australia

NewCastle.pngCommunity collaboration has always been a defining feature of the University of Newcastle. The support of the Hunter community was the driving force behind the University becoming an autonomous institution in 1965. One of its landmark buildings, the Great Hall, was funded through a community-driven campaign and the University’s teaching and research is strongly influenced by community needs.




Cultural Center, University of Malaysia

Cultural-Center-Univ-of-Malaysia-300x132.jpg The Cultural Centre has been an integral part of University of Malaya since its establishment in 1974. Initially the centre provided and managed cultural based co-curriculum activities for students and staff alike. It was a meeting place of professionals, artistes, traditional masters, art critics and students. Holding true to national aspirations the centre worked towards promoting traditional cultural forms and activities in view of contemporary development and trend.


Energy and Resources Institute, Delhi, India

Energy-and-Resources-institute-300x204_0.png The Youth Education and Action (YEA) division in The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), which established a university in 1998, works across divisions with areas that are involved in youth-related programs. TERI’s headquarters is located in Delhi, India.




Oxford Hub, Oxford University

Oxford-Hub-300x218.jpg Oxford Hub is the focal point for charitable activity at Oxford University, connecting students with causes – whether local, national, or international. It’s the place to go to get involved in charitable, volunteer and socially entrepreneurial activities, and for training and information on a range of social and environmental issues, events, and careers.




The School of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Philippines

Univ-of-Phillippines-300x300_0.png One of the goals of the program is “Protecting and fighting for the welfare of society -particularly the poor- and promoting social justice and equity in the formulation of development plans and programs.”







Undergraduate Curriculum, University of Hong Kong

Curriculum-Hong-Kong-300x124.pngThe four AoIs serve as a means of organizing the common core curriculum: they are inter-related rather than mutually exclusive. In order to ensure coherence in the Common Core Curriculum and within each AoI, each AoI has a conceptual framework, which addresses the goals of the Common Core Curriculum. Under each AoI, key themes have been identified, each with an outline of the key issues that should be addressed. Under the AoI of Humanities is the theme Ethics and Society.