Residential Living

Housing Life, George Washington University

George-Washington-300x130.jpgGW Housing Programs encourage the total development of our students, including attention to personal, academic, social and pre-professional stages of growth. The House Life program stimulates this development through collaboration with multiple offices at GW, while supporting the University’s academic mission.


Interfaith House

Interfaith-House.jpgInterfaith House, a residential community at Brown University, fosters creative discussion and inter-religious dialogue for both the religious/spiritual and the nonreligious/spiritual, and everyone in-between. By cultivating spiritual and philosophical understanding in our hallways, and by collectively losing sleep in late-night conversations, Interfaith House creates a strong sense of community.



Living Learning Program, North Dakota State University

North-Dakota-State-Univeristy-300x200.jpgThe Living-Learning Program within the Department of Residence Life centers around the primary mission of the department, to support students by providing a vibrant, healthy place to live and learn. Beyond the commitment of the university to students, it is crucial to provide a solid foundation where students can learn how to become better citizens and scholars within the university community and in life. In short, the Living-Learning Program is the driving force behind the positive experience of living on campus.