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Florida State University

Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, “BMike Murals” at Tulane University

The “BMike Murals” is a series of three murals painted live in the student union by Brandan Odums depicting students from campus who are currently using their voices to make social change on campus whose background includes words of hope, challenge, and direction for the future of Tulane written by members of our community. The mural paintings were followed by a conversation in Kendall Cram with Brandan, Micah McKee, and Mia Bagneris who discussed the use of art in black communities to make change from both a lived and academic lens. The murals are NOT a solution to the issues we face as a community – nor were/are they meant to be – but rather a manifestation of the energy and passion needed to make the change and hopefully are an inspiration to continue doing meaningful work.


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