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RENEW Peer Educators

RENEW’s peer educators consistently strive towards academic excellence, servant leadership, professionalism, and upholding the integrity of the University Counseling Center and Florida State University. By proactively engaging with students and developing new techniques to combat negative stereotypes on emotional wellness, our peer educators inspire and foster a better understanding of emotional wellness among the student body.

The Kaleidoscope Project, University of Calgary

The Kaleidoscope Project envisions a more pluralistic and inclusive campus community and invites students to engage in learning, conversation and action with others who may have a different background or viewpoint. Through conversation and action students can begin to build a more engaged and diverse community on campus and in Calgary – a community that works together, regardless of religious tradition, spirituality, culture, identity, sexual orientation, gender, and personal or political views.

Amy Biehl Foundation Project for High School Students

The Amy Biehl Foundation Project seeks to develop high school students’ critical awareness of compelling human rights issues and their sense of social responsibility for addressing human rights challenges (global and local) while working with college mentors. The guiding vision for the project is to cultivate students’ understanding of human dignity and the importance of confronting violence in any of its forms.

Dr. George Kuh, Some Thoughts About Doing the Right Thing in Uncertain Times

with Josh Davis, Florida State University 

Faculty, staff, and students in higher education require self-evaluation of their own personal assumptions, and they also need to identify whether or not these personal assumptions align with institutional values, mission, and principles.

Dr. George Kuh began the second day of the 2016 Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values by providing his thoughts on student protests at Claremont McKenna College, alignment of personal and institutional values, as well as high impact practices.

Dr. Atira Charles, The Art of Unmasking: Identity as a Source of Awareness, Action & Activism

Faculty, staff, and administrators must identify and understand the role identity plays when supporting students. Without understanding which aspects of one’s self is present in any particular moment, or which mask an individual is wearing, administrators become challenged when serving as advocates for students. Today’s Institute ended with Dr. Atira Charles using Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, We Wear the Mask as a way to convey a message that everyone has an individual identity and a collective identity.