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Dr. Shaun Harper

Today’s Institute started off in the Askew Theater with Dr. Shaun Harper from the University of Pennsylvania. His speech titled, “A Racist Course of Study” covered information about how college and universities unknowingly or unintentionally teach white students to devalue students of color. Dr. Harper began his speech by discussing the importance of focusing his topic on white students and list four reasons:

Welcome Reception and Dr. Alexander Astin

The Welcome Reception was held in the stylish ballroom of the Double Tree Hotel in Tallahassee. The evening began with a lively jazz band filling the room with music as participants networked over hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Dr. Mary Coburn, Vice President of Student Affairs at Florida State University, officially commenced the 2015 Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values tonight with a speech welcoming the Dalton Institute participants and expressing appreciation for the hard work of the Institute planners, Craig Beebe and Mallory Garcia as well as the Institute volunteers.

Campus Compact

Service-learning has roots in the writings of American philosopher John Dewey and Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. Dewey argued that education was less about accumulating knowledge and more about developing student judgment, a skill necessary for participatory democracy. Freire believed education was a process of empowerment, where the teacher-learner relationship is reciprocal; educators are also learners and students are also teachers.