Good Practice Resources

The Madison Collaborative, James Madison University

By Jessica Mestre, Michigan State University

The Madison Collaborative: “Ethical Reasoning in Action” is an educational initiative at James Madison University (JMU) that seeks to develop the ethical reasoning skills of the entire student body. The Madison Collaborative (MC) is specifically guided by the mission of “prepar[ing] enlightened citizens who apply ethical reasoning in their personal, professional, and civic lives.”

The Red Flag Campaign

A metaphorical red flag serves as an early indicator of impending danger. It can also provide a message for bystanders communicating that someone needs care and support. Capitalizing on this metaphor, The Red Flag Campaign utilizes tangible red flags as a symbol to increase awareness of warning signs for dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Campus Compact

Service-learning has roots in the writings of American philosopher John Dewey and Brazilian educator Paulo Freire. Dewey argued that education was less about accumulating knowledge and more about developing student judgment, a skill necessary for participatory democracy. Freire believed education was a process of empowerment, where the teacher-learner relationship is reciprocal; educators are also learners and students are also teachers.

D. Abbott Turner Program in Ethics and Servant Leadership, Emory University

The D. Abbott Turner Program in Ethics and Servant Leadership (EASL) promotes servant leadership and ethically engaged practice. Amidst declining civic involvement and growing cynicism toward public institutions, universities must take seriously their role in cultivating and forming tomorrow’s leaders. Inherent in this work is the need to develop in those future leaders the required intellectual rigor, ethical awareness, and concern for the common good.