Jon C. Dalton Institute Live Blog

Dr. George Kuh, Some Thoughts About Doing the Right Thing in Uncertain Times

with Josh Davis, Florida State University 

Faculty, staff, and students in higher education require self-evaluation of their own personal assumptions, and they also need to identify whether or not these personal assumptions align with institutional values, mission, and principles.

Dr. George Kuh began the second day of the 2016 Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values by providing his thoughts on student protests at Claremont McKenna College, alignment of personal and institutional values, as well as high impact practices.

Dr. Atira Charles, The Art of Unmasking: Identity as a Source of Awareness, Action & Activism

Faculty, staff, and administrators must identify and understand the role identity plays when supporting students. Without understanding which aspects of one’s self is present in any particular moment, or which mask an individual is wearing, administrators become challenged when serving as advocates for students. Today’s Institute ended with Dr. Atira Charles using Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, We Wear the Mask as a way to convey a message that everyone has an individual identity and a collective identity.

Panel Discussion: Reflections on Next Steps to Minimizing Inequalities

The last session of the 2015 Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values consisted of a panel of individuals within the Tallahassee community reflecting on local, global, and national changes that can be implemented to minimize the gap of widening inequalities. In order to give our audience an in depth idea of the dialogue and conversation within the session, we have listed below the bios of the panelists as well as the questions asked by participants.

Dr. Andrew Seligsohn

Dr. Andrew Seligsohn kicked off the last day of the Institute by sharing his thoughts about Exemplary Action, University Engagement, and Student Development. Dr. Seligsohn began his presentation through explaining the importance of reviewing these three topics and how they relate to inequalities. Emphasize was placed upon economic inequalities and how it affects involvement in the political process. Economic inequality overlaps multiple identities including race, gender, and educational attainment. Dr.

Keynote Panel with Graduate Students

The graduate students of Florida State University’s Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs program received the opportunity tonight to speak with Dr. Alexander Astin, Dr. Shaun Harper, Dr. Will Barratt, and Clare Cady. In a panel style discussion, master and doctoral students were able to ask each of the keynote speakers questions over pizza and refreshments. Ali Raza, a graduate student working with the Hardee Center at Florida State University, moderated the discussion.

Lunch and Awards Reception

During today’s lunch the Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values awarded Mission: Possible the 2015 Best Practice of the Year Award and Dr. Darris R. Means the 2015 Dissertation of the Year Award. Dr. Jon Dalton was also recognized for his 25 years of heard work and was given a framed collection of the 25 different Dalton Institute logos in chronological order since the Institute’s founding as well as a pen made out of the wood from the Old Westcott building at Florida State University. Congratulations everyone for their hard work.

Dr. Shaun Harper

Today’s Institute started off in the Askew Theater with Dr. Shaun Harper from the University of Pennsylvania. His speech titled, “A Racist Course of Study” covered information about how college and universities unknowingly or unintentionally teach white students to devalue students of color. Dr. Harper began his speech by discussing the importance of focusing his topic on white students and list four reasons:

Welcome Reception and Dr. Alexander Astin

The Welcome Reception was held in the stylish ballroom of the Double Tree Hotel in Tallahassee. The evening began with a lively jazz band filling the room with music as participants networked over hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Dr. Mary Coburn, Vice President of Student Affairs at Florida State University, officially commenced the 2015 Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values tonight with a speech welcoming the Dalton Institute participants and expressing appreciation for the hard work of the Institute planners, Craig Beebe and Mallory Garcia as well as the Institute volunteers.