Profiles in Character

A. Klein, Sources of Enlightenment: Faculty and Administrators Who Challenge and Inspire Their Student


Anne Carolyn Klein/ Rigzin Drolma

Professor, Department of Religious Studies,  Rice University
Founding Director & Resident Lama, Dawn Mountain

B.A. cum laude, Harpur College (Now Binghamton University) with highest honors in English
M.A., Buddhist Studies, University of Wisconsin, Ph.D. University of Virginia.

Carly Nasehi Making a World of Difference: Young Adults in International Service

No matter our field, we all have the responsibility to be ethical and holistic in our efforts, especially in a world as integrated as ours. Higher education plays a critical role in an individual’s development. I would say choosing a field is secondary to learning how to think first. Learning what to think by acquiring a specific knowledge set can come after, but the creation of oneself through opportunities for leadership, critical thinking, and engagement provides the building blocks necessary to forge our paths in life.”